The Brothers Glaser

Gary D, Dave, Paul Robert, and Joel Glaser grew up on a farm in Spalding, Nebraska just a mile and a half from the childhood home of their father, Robert L Glaser. In 1959, their uncles Tom, Chuck, and Jim moved to Nashville and started their musical careers as Tompall and the Glaser Brothers.

The Brothers Glaser Inspired by their uncles’ success and with their father’s encouragement, the four began performing at a young age. Over the years the group formed several bands and toured the Midwest.

In honor of their father who passed away in December of 2006—who always encouraged them to follow their musical dreams—the four regrouped as The Brothers Glaser and began production of an album in tribute to Tompall and the Glaser Brothers.

Their new CD titled 'Five Penny Nickel" was released 6/15/2012 on RLG Records.